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Lisa Brown


“It is Possible”

Just when I thought this would be another failure; I did it!  I know it is hard trying to figure out what surgery is right for you.  The LAP-BAND® System was not my first choice.  I was considering the Gastric Bypass, but decided on the less invasive procedure.  That’s when I decided to let the top Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Stephen V. Hamn perform my surgery.

You must research the doctor you select.  Any General Surgeon can perform this surgery but you want a Physician that has experience and you will find upon research that Dr. Stephen V. Hamn has been in the Bariatric world for a long time.  Not to miss the fact that he will let you know exactly how this thing works, no beating around the bush.  It is work and dedication, not a quick fix. Just a tool, my built in diet. It has been a difficult road at times, but the Lapband was the extra tool I needed to add to my diet.  A few Adjustments to the band will adjust your behavior. Lol…I had a great experience will all of the office staff at Dr. Hamn and Dr. Cribbins office, like family.  Surgical Assistant’s second to none. There is a lot to consider when you have one of these surgeries and this office has what it takes for a great experience and successful surgery. 

A Special thanks to everyone in the office for adding to the success in my journey.

Dr. Hamn I know you only did the surgery and I’m responsible for the rest but thank you again for being the Surgeon you are, really caring about what you do.  I know my liver was  

Love You All Lots,

 Leelee Brown



First, I’d like to say “LAP-BAND® System works-IT REALLY DOES”.

Second, I’d like to say the old saying, “Good things happen to those who wait”. Well, this describes the journey you will be taking with Dr. Cribbins and your LAP-BAND® System.

My story is nothing you haven’t heard before. I grew up very happy, but always 4 sizes larger than what I should be. Being in a family of 6, and everyone overweight, it seemed like we were always on a diet. I tried all the healthy and UNHEALTHY diets, and it got worse when I was living on my own. Instead of the freshman 10, I gained 50.

At age 26, I was living life wonderfully with a new job, and newly married, then that’s when the worst happened.  I ruptured my lower disc while working out and had to go on disability and  have back surgery. My spirit and body finally broke, and my weight ballooned to 283 size 22.. It seemed like there was no other choice but to have lap band surgery, and that’s when we found Dr. Cribbins and his welcoming staff. Now 3 ½ years later I am a VERY healthy 131 lbs and a size 2. I have no more back pain and I’m off the pain medicine.

I lost a total of 151 lbs without doing any exercise or really watching what I ate. Dr. Cribbins and his staff are like family, and they are a wonderful group to work with on this journey you will be taking.  A very caring group who want you to succeed.

Life is Good now, and remember, “That good things happen to those who wait”.

Thank you  Dr. Cribbins,  and to your wonderful team for helping me get a second chance at a healthy life.